Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do not get discourage...

Do not get discouraged by the "not now", nor caught up in the "too soon" or even upset by the "too late" because God has shown me the "already" which is where I live from. He who God set free is free indeed

Don't let them speak

When Jesus casted out demons the bible said that "he didn't even let them speak". The demons today are our negative thoughts and rough situations. Don't even let them speak to you. Speak God to them. There is a methadology to struggle. If you find GOd in everything you won't be shook by anything.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Reflection

Self reflection is the greatest way to stop the enemy. It is so easy to look
outside of ourselves and find the reason for our bitterness and UN forgiveness
to the point where we find justification. Our carnal minds will always find
a reason to react, but our Christ minds will only search for a way to
respond. That response is Love. The conqueror of all things.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Father, I know you have created all that is above and below, You know the end from the beginning therefore I will not try and set things right I will allow my faith to see things right. The end of a matter is always better than the beginning. So thank you for making a misfit just fit. Selah!

The Mind

Our mind is the closest image likeness of GOD. It is the most powerful thing in existence. Everything including the holy spirit operates in the mind. All ideas are expressed from the mind. SO if you use it with Christ being the head you BIRTH greatness, BUT use it with any other intention other than Christ principle, you have birthed SATAN. You choose how to use it