Saturday, February 27, 2010




On Feb 13Th, my Honey Bunny, told me that we were going away for 3days for valentines day!, talk about shock, he planned everything, from the hotel to the location, to the restaurant to... to...everything!!, needless to say i was SO shocked and super siked!!. he told me that he wanted to take me away just so i wouldn't have to worry or think about anything!!!, that i should just leave it to him...
i must say that was the best and most special valentine that i have ever had or experienced in my life, but you know what? any and everywhere is always fun and special with him!!

i won't go into detail, but **one** of my most favorite moments of that weekend is when he read me a poem he wrote about me...called
i couldn't talk and he was so nervous reading it to me, he type it on a beautiful heart shaped background in a reddish Manila folder
talk about straight coco-blushing!!
here is the poem that he wrote for me..ENJOY!


Every day that I
see it is another day it amazes me

Every time it
catches my eyes it’s a beautiful thing 2 see

It takes me 2 a
place that I don’t think I can leave

I’m in love with
your skin, its beauty I can’t believe

Your beautiful
dark complexion calls 4 my attention

And I’m answering
every chance I get whenever I’m in its presence

The essence of
black beauty is on my mind when I’m thinking of it

The smooth
chocolate tone is exactly what makes me love it

The way the sun
grazes it is simply amazing

Reflecting in the
perfection of one of Gods greatest creations

Even in the
moonlight its beauty is still in sight

I even love how it
glows in the passenger seat when we stop at a red light at

Nothing compares 2 the sight of it, except 4 its

And that’s the
other reason why I love it so much

The smoothest
softest skin I ever felt, unmatched by any other girl

It’s like God
wrapped you in silk b4 He brought you in this world

I’m happy 2 be one
of the chosen few that has had the privilege of holding you

It’s like my day
gets better just by being close 2 you

Simply caressing
you puts me in a better mood

It puts me at a
level of chillin that I previously never knew

When my skin in is
pressed against it I’m in heaven in an instant

And I’ll never
ever be hesitant 2 kiss it

The touch of it is
enough 2 get me fiendin 4 the taste of it

It’s simply
greatness from your face all the way down 2 your waist and

From your lips 2
your cheek 2 your neck 2 your collar bone

2 my girls, 2 your
stomach 2 my joy 2 your thighs, every time my mind is on an spiritual high

The feelin of your
skin on my lips is a feelin I’ll always miss

And I hope there is never a
time they go 2 long 2 meet, will never exist

I’m in love with
your chocolate complexion, one of the most beautiful things 2

I’m in love with
its smooth texture, especially when it’s touchin me

I’m in love with
its flavor, and I’ll say that 4 my mouth 2

I’m in love with
your skin, and that’s just one of the the things I love about

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Right now i am feeling a certain type of way, not sure i like it but its how i feel. Why do people who hurt you or have wronged you want you to get over it so easily and quickly & not talk about it, when they themselves can not do the same.

Today I met a new friend who was going through something that I have been through and in most ways still going through..

I reached out to her to basically explain that " Hey i understand how you feel that this, that and this is what I myself have went through and am currently sill going through.

I am tired of being made the bad guy when I am not! you laid your bed with the weak ash attempts of resolving certain situations.. My story is My Story.

after all one person does not make a story.