Friday, July 6, 2012

MY (PK) Pastor Kid

When I was about 7yrs old I read the story about Jesus going into the temple and flipping over tables. I thought that was so cool! I'm like whoaaa Jesus is Captain Planet and he is not taking this polluting in the church!! Yeahhhhhh!! (Remember I said I was 7 & Captain Planet was the mannnn back then) so the following Sunday I decided to do the same thing.....O_O BIG MISTAKE!!! I got the whopping of my life! I know my parents must have thought I had lost my darn mind... my father was also the pastor of the church so you can just imagine the comments, one parishioner thought I had caught the holy ghost or went plain crazy. I can look back on this story and laugh but at the time I just wanted to be a hero like Christ taking names & flipping tables WOOT... WOOT!! . I clearly didn't understand the message of Matthew 21:12 at the time. True... In the church we see a lot of things that go on that shouldn't go on, gossiping, back biting, lying etc. and it’s very easy to point out what others are doing and shouldn't be doing. Christ had the authority to do what He did, this is supposed to be my father house, yet people are buying and selling items like it’s a marketplace or the Baltimore flea market! This also made me think of my own soul, my own spiritual & physical temple... What are some of the issues in our lives that need for Jesus to come in, flip over tables and drive out the nonsense within our own bodily temples? We don't want our temples to be a marketplace for any and everything. Heavenly Father, I pray that you continue to cleanse, drive out any and everything that is not of you from my temple which includes my mind, body, spirit, soul & circumstances so that your word and presence can dwell within me freely and whole heartedly.

Matthew 21:12-13 NLT

Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”



He has shown & still shows me such kindness, love, discipline, favor and affection. I am no prophet, elder or high ranking church official, I don’t even know scripture by heart but I LOVE the lord. I am not rich or even comfortable but I will give what I have to help those in need because I LOVE the lord. Though you may have cursed me, back bitted and or even try to tarnish my character, I will forgive because I LOVE the Lord and my lord has forgiven me. My lord has brought me out of the deepest & darkest cave has cared for me and nurtured my broken heart, hug & comforted me in my sleep when tormented by my circumstances. I LOVE my Lord.

My Lord has NEVER given up on me even when I have gave up on myself & even blessed me through those who sought to destroy me. I Love my... Lord!!!!

Through promotions, advancements and career paths my lord is constantly my biggest cheerleader telling me to have faith! you can do it, has held my hand in ever interview and accolades in my life, My lord, Forever the encourager always gives me a reason to smile I LOVE my Lord. Though I have broken his heart, complained & disobeyed him, he has forgiven my debt because I’ve repented and does not even hold my grievances against me, I still struggle with doing this for others I LOVE my lord!!!

How can I not love when my father is the epitome of Loving Kindness? I have to admit I'm spoiled, spoiled rotten in a good way.

Be not deceived by the illusions of this world. Do not align yourselves with people based on skin color, race, culture or sex, but align yourselves and come together based on the LOVE we have for Christ and on whom we are, & who we must become in him.

I LOVE the lord!!
sooooo.. Shechem’s ole trifling self went and rape Dinah and then fell in love with her (W.T.Heck) then beg her father and brothers to please let him marry her... (Pause) what in the world?!?! And Scechem was suppose to be the most noblest of his people. tho.. SMH anyway, so Dinah’s 12 brothers found out and was livid with ANGER!! They didn’t care that Shechem’s was pleading and begging to make an “honest” woman out of her, but get this Dinah father Jacob was for the marriage… huh? The same Jacob who was praying on rocks, fighting with angels, and stealing folks birthrights was for the marriage (I myself and pissed just reading that part) Find out how the Brother’s went straight Spartacus on them punks and the effect of them betraying their father and how this relay's to us today … Wednesday eveings 7:30pm Bible Study :) — at Berean Ministries.
"I was wrong" or "I need advice" are difficult phrases to utter because they require humility. Pride is an ingredient in every quarrel. It stirs up conflict and divides people. Humility, by contrast, heals. Guard against pride. If you find yourself constantly arguing, examine your life for pride. Be open to the advice of others, ask for help when you need it, and be willing to admit your mistakes.

Control the Hulk in you

How do you control the Hulk in you? The Hulk to me is anything that has you acting out of the will & character of the lord. This past weekend I saw The Avengers & it was AWESOME!! ... I don't want to give off any details of the movie but I'm #TEAMTHOR) WOOT WOOT!! The character that moved me the most next to Thor:) was the Hulk. The hulk has some major issues he turns into a huge monster at the *slightest hint anger. Pastor Keith Battle did a sermon last week called let's get ready to rumble .. ill post it up later on today.. he talk about how he prays daily for the lord to guide his mind, bless him with the grace to rise above his emotions and to walk in truth. That sermon really touch me, I decided to do the prayer and before I could say Amen stuff started happening and I was pissed off, I didn't even know that I would be as effected as I was. you never know what's in you until you are face to face with it. I finally had to pray for guidance.. & immediately I saw what was happening, Everything in my body gave me justification to go off except for my spirit , the word of God & the counsel of a 2. Prayer is indeed a daily necessity. I know this will not be the last so I have to continuously build up my spiritual armor. Vengeance is the Lords & he will turn it around for my good & his glory. Romans 12:19

living in Ignorace

one thing I learned in life, I am not the one to get by on ignorance. Most people can live their life using the excuse that i didn't know, no body told me...each time i didn't know how to handle a situation God placed the resource I need at that moment to bust through the wall, saw a limb, scissors to cut the hems, but never the hand of another person to carry me. yesterday was trying but I prev...ailed...i am like the hulk from avengers, everyday is a strong attempt to keep my temper from exploding, God is love and I want to be just like my is not about me, i live in a Matrix of no excuses which equals no failure despite my ignorance, God will always be there to lead me and guide me. Praises to my God! Amen.