Friday, July 6, 2012



He has shown & still shows me such kindness, love, discipline, favor and affection. I am no prophet, elder or high ranking church official, I don’t even know scripture by heart but I LOVE the lord. I am not rich or even comfortable but I will give what I have to help those in need because I LOVE the lord. Though you may have cursed me, back bitted and or even try to tarnish my character, I will forgive because I LOVE the Lord and my lord has forgiven me. My lord has brought me out of the deepest & darkest cave has cared for me and nurtured my broken heart, hug & comforted me in my sleep when tormented by my circumstances. I LOVE my Lord.

My Lord has NEVER given up on me even when I have gave up on myself & even blessed me through those who sought to destroy me. I Love my... Lord!!!!

Through promotions, advancements and career paths my lord is constantly my biggest cheerleader telling me to have faith! you can do it, has held my hand in ever interview and accolades in my life, My lord, Forever the encourager always gives me a reason to smile I LOVE my Lord. Though I have broken his heart, complained & disobeyed him, he has forgiven my debt because I’ve repented and does not even hold my grievances against me, I still struggle with doing this for others I LOVE my lord!!!

How can I not love when my father is the epitome of Loving Kindness? I have to admit I'm spoiled, spoiled rotten in a good way.

Be not deceived by the illusions of this world. Do not align yourselves with people based on skin color, race, culture or sex, but align yourselves and come together based on the LOVE we have for Christ and on whom we are, & who we must become in him.

I LOVE the lord!!

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