Friday, July 6, 2012

sooooo.. Shechem’s ole trifling self went and rape Dinah and then fell in love with her (W.T.Heck) then beg her father and brothers to please let him marry her... (Pause) what in the world?!?! And Scechem was suppose to be the most noblest of his people. tho.. SMH anyway, so Dinah’s 12 brothers found out and was livid with ANGER!! They didn’t care that Shechem’s was pleading and begging to make an “honest” woman out of her, but get this Dinah father Jacob was for the marriage… huh? The same Jacob who was praying on rocks, fighting with angels, and stealing folks birthrights was for the marriage (I myself and pissed just reading that part) Find out how the Brother’s went straight Spartacus on them punks and the effect of them betraying their father and how this relay's to us today … Wednesday eveings 7:30pm Bible Study :) — at Berean Ministries.

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