Friday, July 6, 2012

Control the Hulk in you

How do you control the Hulk in you? The Hulk to me is anything that has you acting out of the will & character of the lord. This past weekend I saw The Avengers & it was AWESOME!! ... I don't want to give off any details of the movie but I'm #TEAMTHOR) WOOT WOOT!! The character that moved me the most next to Thor:) was the Hulk. The hulk has some major issues he turns into a huge monster at the *slightest hint anger. Pastor Keith Battle did a sermon last week called let's get ready to rumble .. ill post it up later on today.. he talk about how he prays daily for the lord to guide his mind, bless him with the grace to rise above his emotions and to walk in truth. That sermon really touch me, I decided to do the prayer and before I could say Amen stuff started happening and I was pissed off, I didn't even know that I would be as effected as I was. you never know what's in you until you are face to face with it. I finally had to pray for guidance.. & immediately I saw what was happening, Everything in my body gave me justification to go off except for my spirit , the word of God & the counsel of a 2. Prayer is indeed a daily necessity. I know this will not be the last so I have to continuously build up my spiritual armor. Vengeance is the Lords & he will turn it around for my good & his glory. Romans 12:19

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