Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Vow

Btw I saw the movie the Vow and I won't even dignify it with a comment moving on......

So last week I made a vow in my heart before God... Before the Amen even settled on my Vow a lot of things just kind of went haywire.. and I couldn't say or react to it the way I wanted to because of this vow I made to God. I was so blown, then ontop of that I got real sick, lost my voice had a 102 temperature and had to work 10hr 6 days straight.
At the end of this trying week I had one of the most wonderful experiences in my entire life.

Trust me when I say my redeemer lives!

God revealed somethings to me and it was even preached at Church today ... My character s not yet where it needs to be to sustain where my talent is taking me.

I'm am still in my process and will trust the lord in everything...

Look to the hills ...


my cousin wrote this some years ago..
Stay focused and blessed in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST!

there are wolves in sheep clothing everywhere but when GOD is for you who can be against you?

This note is going out to all :

I am not a perfect person , but I try to love everyone equally... I am not someone who only reads and hear the Word but I do my best to Do what the Word says. Im hoping all of you whom I so truly love, learn to "say what you mean" and "mean what you say" .."oh and boo it's no need to hide..I am not checkin for you so just be cool you know who you are"..... What's important nowadays is not to people please or gossip.
What I love about myself is that I can honestly admitt my mistakes and wrong doings , easily apologize, forgive and forget and move forward as the Word of God tells me to & as I wish to do. I also love that I dont condemn myself and others but understand that the bad in life continues to bring about good and better, more or so a learning experience.
But what scares me at times is smiles and good talk that goes on in my face, and gossip and hate that goes on behind my back, even so called "family" who discuss unpleasant things about me, when they are suppose to be the ones in my corner at all times no matter what the circumstance, I dont get it, but what I will not do is entertain, approach, or reinact such disgust.
I will continue to LOVE, DO GOOD , GIVE & better myself in Attitude, Behavior & Character at all times ,and I shall not worry about what goes on behind my back but to allow my eyes to watch God work!!

I have come along way in life ,from a lot of riff raff and BS.. I will never let anyone turn me back, Im looking to the hills from whence cometh my help....

Basically Im leaving the haters behind & staying FOCUSED!!