Friday, February 11, 2011

The's a snippet

I thought that I would never speak of This person again....but at the seal of my own decree I will break my own commandment and speak his name once again....*He* .....


Excuse me for my dramatic Moses moment...

There was a time many moons ago... where I never truly thought I knew who or What love was, a time where youth & eternity seemed promise to all, a time where naivety & wonder were my soul's sisters.

A time where I fell madly, hopelessly and irrevocably inr love/lust with. ..*He*

Being as though I am nolonger This young naive girl anymore the memory of this love is strained bc I am searching through emotions That are long gone, a past where its vision is for ever stuck in a thick fog, a connection that has been long cut as that of a child's umbilical cord.

Infact the only reason Why there is some semblance of memory is because of his uncanny resemblance to my heart

The man of my heart's existence ...

To Be continued ....

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