Monday, November 11, 2013

You're WACk!

YOU'RE WACK!!!! I see you talking that spiritual talk but you're wack, I see you talking about changing your ways and crap but you're wack! You lie!, your a user! You couldn't change if you wanted to, you're scum. Who's going to believe you ?

How many times you talk all 'Christian' only to stab someone in the back! Yeah you're wack . You couldn't change if you wanted to...cause remember your wack!

WHY is it that when we see someone trying to change for the better we have to go an remind them of all that cray cray crap they've done. Like they don't already know Instead of us to rejoice in the effort and encouraged the walk, we get even more mad at them for trying, its like we want to say " I told you so " & shout it out to the roof tops.

 Are we not just as responsible for Turning that person AWAY from Christ?Where is God's love in wanting them to fail just so you can say ... ah Ha! I told you so.

This can be hard especially when the person has hurt you. You wouldn't want someones blood on your hands so dont taint there salvation either. 

For me I might not be publicly ready to pat them on the back but I will encourage them through private prayer and fasting. If the Holy Spirit then says "Bunmi go and give a word of encouragement to so and so.... (you know me I might be like ..whattt?!??! Lol but I WILL go.(prayerfully &Hopefully).

Lord help us to break the strongholds of pain, resentment, and hurt. Break every chain, break every chain, break every chain. we can bring more to you.

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