Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Son....a spiritual reimagining of a dream I once had

To My Son....

To my future son....Ekundayo Adeshola Olubunmi.

My son.. I eagerly await your arrival, I know that your spirit is with the father but know that I am preparing your way into this this world as my ancestors have done before me..

My son.. know that your mother loves you and apologies for the condition the world is currently in, I apologies that the home of your forefathers is being plagued with Aids, Genocide, Pestilence ,Self Hate and corruption. I'm so Sorry that the fathers, sons and brothers of our people have turned against you and and taken up arms with the enemy...

My son.. I am sorry that some of my sisters have also taken up arms with the enemy and have even gone far enough to believe and even welcome the evil ones notion that you are inferior, dumb and not beautiful.

My son.. Please do not be ashamed of your Mother , I have tried to show my brothers and sisters the light.. but they are so far gone and disconnect from the truth that they are comfortable and happy living in the filth of there own matrix.

They mock me, belittle, degrade and rape me, They hide me from view, they keep me in the darkest part of the abyss so that the spiritual naturalness and majestical glare of my beauty will not shine or be seen, they tell me how dear I speak of myself as a Queen, a Royal of noble blood, that my eyes are not the color of the sea, and my skin not the color of the clouds so who am i to proclaim anything..................

My son.. know that even from the beatings of my brothers, from the rape and degredation of my sons, to the slap, torture and spit of my sisters i remain steadfast & strong. I laugh, I laugh so hard that the blood of our homeland drips from my eyes and oozes out of my pores..the cry's of a once prosperous nation ringing in my ears. and i know that we are not alone and must keep and countinue on in faith, hope , knowledge and determination.

I...laugh so hard while praiseing the almighty that the evil one remains confused, wondering how can this woman laugh when she has be abused, raped, hanged, murdered and despised by man and even her own country man...


(for you see my son..praise will always confused the enemy)

So be proud of your mother, know that i love you unconditionally, know that it is in God image you were created and in your mothers likeness you will be born.


know that you will be seduced , tempted and lied to, know that even the very ones who resemble you, will even be out to get you..

Rise MY SWEET PRINCE and be of Good Courage, i am preparing your way, and as you grow never forget your mother, and everything i've taught you and went through for your rightful existence, never forget the strength and power that God put in the body of a Woman, your mother......

my joy.... oh how your mother can not wait to see you,, to tell you the truths that the evil ones doesn't want you to know ,

my son.. know that i can not wait to kiss your ten fingers and toes, to look at your beautiful brown eyes, to behold the kingly garment of your dark skin, to smell the sweetness of honey and strength that comes from your pores and to love protect, nurture, and grow the natural crown, "THE PROOF" of your birthright .

my son .. the time has come.. know that your mother loves you and know that even though i will one day go back home to the creator

that the very essence of me lies within you and that my blood sweat and tears lie with your ancestors, in AFRICA.


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