Monday, December 7, 2009

The Run In....

Have you ever ran into someone that you thought you would never see ever in life again?

well i had a run in with..... The other woman.

When i was 23 i fell in love with a man.. he was everything i was not accustom to, he was white, from West Va, had a accent, he was sexy as hell & also my Supervisor!

Now at that time I was not your modern day 23 yr old, I was a very naive, green as Iceland type of 23 year old..

let me give you the back story on myself and my supervisor who we will call MEL.

Now when I first met MEL, I was interviewing for a position at Lowes and he was standing at the service desk, my first impression of him was that he was a cocky prick with beautiful mel Gibson Blue Eyes, he looked just like John Travolta in Grease but Hotter!, the reason why i called him a prick is b/c he left me standing at customer service for 30 mins when he told me he was getting the manager.. i had to remind him 3 times and finally the manager came up to the desk, he introduced me to MEL & we shook hands and i swear i felt a sharp charge & I think he felt it also bc he drop my hand abrutly then the manager then asked me right in front of him what do i think of him? i informed the manager that i thought he was unprofessional for leaving me at svc desk for 30mins... MEL looked shocked and that's the same day i found out that i would be working for him...

fast-forwarding 6 months into working with MEL

MEL's and i relationship was a love and hate one, we loved to disagree and argue about everything, from Michael Jackson, politics, racism, love,my relationship with my boyfriend, ( he thought my BF at the time was a gangster and not good for me that the only reason I was with him is b/c he looked like MJ..that's another story, he wasn't a gangster he just didn't like him ) we talk about His family, how his girl cheated on him and that they were no longer together etc. we talk about everything.. cue my attraction for him

Here's when it gets interesting

one day i ended up staying late at work b.c we had an audit, MEL and i worked from 6pm to 6am, i knew something was going on with me, my attraction for MEL was getting bad in fact it got so bad that when he would get close to me i couldn't breath, i caught my self staring at him alot, and when i would hear his voice my belly would flip, i tried to distance myself from him but nothing work, even he was changing, he was always patting me on the back, touching my arm just very physical but in a non inappropriate way.. anyhow when we stayed late there was a black out in the neighborhood and the back up generators at lowes didn't come on..

i was so scared and nervous b/c of how my body was reacting, talk about fighting the flesh i was going to war with that!, MEL thought i was scared of the dark and grab my hand and started hugging me.. he smelled like..Irish spring soap and A Man's Man's deodorant...

then things got weird.. MeL starts stroking my skin, telling me that he has never felt anything so soft, he placed kisses all up an down the side of my face, nose and lower lip. MEL was 6.3 and 240lbs .. he was at the time 5years older and i was 20lbs lighter, ML picks me up manages to take my apron off and starts unbuttoning my shirt, he licks my skin and starts to get famliiar with greatness, my mind felt like i was high, i couldn't move, i really thought I was going to pass out, he kept repeating to me how he wanted me since the 1st day he shook my hand, how beautiful and soft i looked and felt, then he stops ,looks me in the eyes and tells me he is married, then backs up.....

I couldn't believe what i heard..i would never sleep with a married man let alone sleep with just any man , when i say i was straight battling the flesh, u just don't know, there was so many things at that time in my life that was going on, that my feelings for him was a brief escape from it all, & when he said he was married, i went from shocked to straight Hood all in a instant, i then started screaming and cursing him out, then it dawned on me that he back up and then i got a feeling that something was wrong, i looked behind me and there was his wife starring at us from outside the window of the store....

At first I didn't know who she was but from the look on his face I knew it was his wife... she started screaming and banging on the glass. There was so many thougths going through my head but I had to tackle them later, i button up my shirt trying to cover the hurt and shame on my face, my heart went out her I could imagin what she was feeling, I did just almost let her husband sample the essence that is me.

I have never been in this type of situation before, right away my inner gangsta popped into action... there is a possibilty that I might have to whoop his wife ass if she tries me...

Mel stop me from approaching the door he kept repeating that he was sorry he opened
The glass door she came in she slapped him like 4 times and glared at me... the first thing she asked me was how old am I? My reply to her was old enough to work here ... I wanted to tell here the truth that I didn't know anything about her that he never said he was married, he told me he had just gotten out of a relationship..

She ran out, he followed her and i went home, I never saw Mel again, he didn't show up for 3 weeks and when he did, it would be on days I didn't work .. I wrote his wife a long note in hopes that I would be able to give it her I ended getting his address and wifes name from the lady in HR and mailed out the letter... Mel xsfered to another store and I was offered his position. A coworker gave me a letter saying that Mel left it for me, I never read the letter I trashed hit.

Now to the present day.. I went out to lunch with my girl samantha at my job? we stop off at Cvs to get some items, as I went to the cashier to ring up my purchases the cashier kept stairing at me.. I asked her if she was okay?!? The cashier didnt answer , as she gave me my receipt She then asked me how old was I ... I asked her what for ? she then said thank you for the letter ...,and then it hit me who she was... I told her ur welcome
And I am so sorry.. Samantha looked so confused... Sheri then squeezed my Hand and said all is forgive that she knew it was not my fault ... I walk out of the store and went into the car with the weight and guilt I was carrying since that day off my heart... I gave God thanks and cried.