Monday, September 9, 2013

Marriage yay or nay?

It so important to let God choose your mate for you. Over the last couple weeks i have spoken with clients who have tried repeatedly to destroy the power & sanctity of marriage.  Alot of these couples are miserable.  Viciously attacking one another.  When i ask if they have a firm foundation in christ? Then I get the.. I don't know what its like speach and you have to be married to understand.  I'm single so I won't fully understand but I have noticed is that God is not the center of their union. It so important to have God and keep him in the Center of it all.   I'm greatful for the examples of this from the kutis, the jones, my fav The Gibbs, the battles, the lees, the craytons,  and etc.
Jesus be the center of it all.

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